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What our clients say about us

I walk taller and feel stronger with each yoga session I do

My main priority is my posture and yoga with Alicia has made a huge difference. My knowledge of anatomy through attending workshops really helps you in everyday life to hold yourself in a safe and healthy way to improve the bodies posture.


Jo, 2020

Fitness Yoga, Workshops

An A star from me. I highly highly recommend!

I have been attending Alicia's classes for over 6 months. I have found a tremendous improvement in my posture, flexibility, toning and strength. The biggest improvement has been with my lower back pains, these have virtually gone now! Each class is tailored to working on core muscles incorporated with different yoga poses. What I love about Alicia's teaching is no two classes are ever the same, repetitive or laborious, what's also great you can attend any of the classes as Alicia caters for all levels and abilities. The classes are relaxed, calm and comfortable. Alicia is fantastic and one of the best yoga teachers I've come across, she is supportive, encourages and challenges you at a pace you are comfortable with. 6 months ago I would never have thought I could do some of the poses which I can do now!... thanks to Alicia.

Mona, 2019

Healthy Back

Not only is the yoga great but the people are too

I have been attending Alicia's classes since February 2017 and I didn't quite realise how un-fit I was! I wasn't keen on joining a gym and being left to try and train by myself, so "fitness yoga" seemed to be the absolute perfect thing for me……and it still is. I totally fell in love with the classes and the one session per week has increased to four sessions. Not only does Ailcia do "fitness yoga," I also attend her "Abs," "Boot-Camp" and "Sculpt Yoga" classes. I recently tried out her "Legs, Bums & Tums" which whilst I can't commit every week to it definitely comes recommended. The classes are relaxed and there is no competition with all different levels attending. Not only is the yoga great but the people are too. When joining I never imagined to meet such a great group of people, who I now regard as "friends." We have a laugh and sometimes meet outside of yoga on a social level which is great. Alicia also provides workshops, which are fabulous at gaining more knowledge and insight into how to perfect yoga moves and increase your own level. Again, it is in a relaxed environment and you come away feeling that you have achieved and progressed. I recently said to Alicia that I know my fitness has improved incredibly and I owe this to her teaching skills and encouragement. Come in and give it a go….it comes fully recommended and hopefully you will love it as much as all her students do!

Tina Shelton, 2019

Fitness Yoga

Excellent classes for all levels

I feel fitter, stronger and revived after each session. Recently I attended a workshop in which the theory behind the poses were explained thoroughly helping me to understand and enhance my practice. Alicia always offers 2 or 3 variations on a posture to suit all levels so everyone gets a good challenge. Each week is different and she moves around the room making adjustments so you learn correctly. I have been to most of the variety of classes over the 2 years i have been attending  APG.STUDIO and love each one.

Jo Brent, 2019

Fitness Yoga

Straight after the 1st class I felt the benefit

​I have been attending the Healthy Back Class for about 6 weeks now. The reason I was interested in this class is because I’ve had lower back and pelvic pain since I had my 2nd child about 9mths ago. Straight after the 1st class I felt the benefit, now week by week it feels like my back is getting stronger. Alicia has also educated me as to the best way to lift my young children to avoid further infliction. I would throughly recommend this class to anyone with any back issues. My only issue is I wish I could attend more classes! 

Kieran, 2019

Healthy Back

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