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"Five years ago I started Yoga with Alicia.  I took up Yoga to improve my flexibility and for relaxation. I soon realised that with the regular classes I was also gaining core strength and fitness. All of which benefited my other sporting activities. Alicia offers a wide range of classes designed to develop different aspects of strength, fitness, balance, flexibility and relaxation. She demonstrates the poses and movements, not only for the complete newby, but also for those wanting to improve.  She describes and gives tips on where to focus your energy, and how to improve. Since Lockdown, with an easily accessible YouTube channel and Zoom sessions, it is possible to fit a yoga class into your schedule and continue to maintain the benefits to both physical and mental strength."


"Alicia is professional, friendly and really cares for the needs of her clients. Her classes are challenging yet so so enjoyable. She adapts every exercise to suit your ability so you never feel left out. I would highly recommend her classes for both fitness and wellbeing. Her positive attitude and dedication keeps you feeling upbeat and motivated. Zoom is a great way to be held accountable while exercising in the comfort of your own home. Great classes which leave you feeling invigorated and ready for the day. Let me know if i need to post this online anywhere etc"