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Strong Knees & Ankles

April 07, 2019

Keep your knees healthy so you can keep doing what you love best!
The muscles and tendons of the foot and ankle are often injured through overuse or specific trauma. Understanding this anatomy is beneficial for anyone who wants to get more enjoyment and satisfaction from their activities. To realize how the muscles and tendons of the foot and ankle are utilized in any weight-bearing exercise helps us to appreciate the hard work they do and enforces the need for knowledge about their care. This workshop covers subjects about: Pain and stiffness, Stability and balance, Arches and correct alignment, Easy movement.  

Master Your Pose

February 10, 2019

Whether you're new to yoga or you've been on the mat for years, breaking down the poses into all of their minor elements can deepen your practice and improve your experience. Mastering the foundational postures of every practice is so important. Once you've learned the most important yoga asanas, you will gain the skills needed for a great yoga practice.​

Lower Back

June 03, 2018

The pain in lower back is caused by unstable spine and weak core muscles, which is developed when they become inactive or less functioning. The advancement of technology has certainly transformed us from being active cave hunters to seated individuals; and it’s taking a toll on our health! There are an increasing number of scientific evidences that prove that a pain in lower back may originate from lack of spinal stability. Good thing there’s a way to reverse back pain and it’s something you can do at home. By working out our deep core muscles, it will help stabilize our spine.

Neck & Shoulders

April 22, 2018

The neck and shoulders can be a troublesome spot for many of us.  Poor postural habits due to increased technology use and sitting for long periods of time are a major culprit for pain that manifests in the neck, shoulders and upper back. Flexibility and strength need to be balanced in the neck and shoulders in order to lift the cervical spine and in turn lift the head.

Flexible Hips & Strong Knees

January 13, 2018

Through better understanding of knee biomechanics, learn to maintain proper alignment and space in this joint for easy and healthy movement. In this workshop you will learn self-care techniques for maintaining knee health, preventing knee injury, and supporting optimal functioning of the joint.

Better Postrue

January 14, 2018

Alicia taught how to create great alignment for your body and build awareness by assessing a posture. She created a yoga prescription for your specific postural problems by incorporating a few simple poses into your regular practice. Change your body, change your life - for better, for good.

Strong & Flexible Spine

November 05, 2017

Get your whole body moving, stretched out, and stronger in our next Workshop. Be ready for full-body movements to build strength and mobility in your entire body. Great for beginners and intermediate users, particularly focused on spinal health. Strong and flexible spine is a key for correct posture and full body pain free.​ This Workshop is all about releasing tension and lengthening your spine with yoga poses. 

Yoga & Fitness Workshop

October 01, 2017

We celebrated National Fitness Day by doing Fitness & Yoga. Sculpt Yoga, Introduction for Broga, Relaxing Yoga and more. Yogi Tea, Coffee, Snacks and refreshment included. Gluten free, vegetarian, vegan.

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