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14th January 2018


with Alicia

The Workshop was fabulous! Everyone learnt something about themselves today & that is worth everything. It was really good to see everyone chatting and getting to know other people too.


I really enjoyed the workshop yesterday, it made me more aware of trying to improve my posture and also making sure I'm getting in the right position with the exercises that will help improve the strength in my lower back and posture. The food and drinks were great! It was a lovely atmosphere too!


I had a great day, learnt a lot and loved the relaxation!! Alicia explained everything really well and in simple terms so everyone understood. Loved the handouts!! I look forward to the next Workshop in February.


I really enjoyed the Workshop and found it really informative. Thanks again and I'm looking forward to future Workshop.


Thank you so much for Sunday's Workshop not only was it a great way to spend a Sunday taking time out for ourselves but also learnt a lot from what Alicia taught us about our posture. She took the time to talk to each of us about our own bodies and how we can work towards helping ourselves. The whole day was perfect.


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